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How to gain weight in cheap

We have always one question in our mind, How to gain weight on a budget. Is it possible? Yes. So, friends today we are talking about how to gain weight cheaply. “Weight gain in 7 days” is it possible? Yes.

Every person wants his body to be a good, attractive, good personality, and then what should be done to do all this? I have seen a lot of people, who are very much concerned with thinness. They feel so ashamed of themselves that they are not ready to go out early. So I would like to tell in the context of such people that every person’s body is unique, many people are thin and many people are fat. Those who are thin skinny people must first keep themselves fit, now I will increase you how thin skinny people can gain their weight. If you follow the tips that I am going to give you today, then you can definitely gain a lot of weight in 1 month.

Those who are thin skinny people have very tender tendencies in their food. I do not eat it, I do not eat that. If you want your weight gain, then you should follow my tips, you will see the definitive results. (How to Gain Weight Cheaply)

weight gain

I want to tell you that in the tips I am talking about today, we do not have to take any medicines, do not take any supplements. If you want to bring more effective, then I will tell you below which supplements you can do to gain weight. This diet plan is so easy, you will not face any problem in dieting. If you follow these tips regularly, then you can increase your weight comfortably by 10 kg in a month.

The diet plans that are currently available in the market are so costal, that a normal person cannot afford it. If he takes a diet plan in motivation. Then he leaves it after 1 week because he is not able to afford it. Our special weight gain diet plan of today is the specialty of that, you do not have to leave food in your house. Just add a few things along with the food of the house and you will be able to increase your weight easily and at a low cost. 4000 CALORIES MEAL PLAN. (How to Gain Weight Cheaply)


You must have your morning breakfast, but add 2 bananas with it and 1 glass of milk. If there is milk, it should not be fat-free, It should be full of fat. You have to prepare 1 powder in it. We have 4 seeds to add to this powder. 1) Sunflower seeds 2) Flaxseed 3) Sesame seeds 4) Pumpkin seeds If you have a mega store nearby, you will get it easily, or you can get these seeds online easily. You take these four seeds. For example, take 100-100 grams of all seeds. After that you little heat it a little bit and grill the fee, then make its powder. You have to drink this powder after mixing 2 spoons in 1 glass of milk. You have to do this thing every morning with your breakfast. 4000 calories a day meal plan.


Of course, take what you are having in your lunch, you do not need to make any changes in it. But yes you can definitely do that if you eat 2 rotis then eat 3, that means to increase the diet slowly.


Mostly you enjoy having tea and spicy food in an evening snack, but yes you do not have to do that. You got these two things instead.
1) Peanuts 100 grams or
2) black gram 100 grams
There is no need to take both of them, or you have to take only one. We can take both of them together and either one. You can also take it with tea. You will get fat here in better quality than the fat you were getting from eating biscuits and snacks.


You have to take the daily food that is prepared in your house, as I said earlier. If you are vegetarian then you should consume 100 grams of cheese. You can fry the cheese and eat it, you can eat it as you like. Or if you are a nonvegetarian then you can take 4 eggs by boiling. Out of those four eggs, you should eat only 1 egg the yellow part, because the yellow part increases the body’s cholesterol. Which converts to bad fat. You do not have to eat the yellow part of the remaining eggs. Your body needs fat, but good ones should be taken, and you should take these eggs for dinner only and after finishing the meal, do some walking.

So that your food is well digested, and its benefits will be given to the body. You do not have to do any change in your day’s food, take it the way you are eating and you should not skip the miles. If you skip any of your miles. You will not be able to get the required amount of calories in your body. So take care that your goods do not break. (Weight gain diet meal plan in 7 days)

Here I have explained to you in a simple language, no strict diet plan has been told, you can do it easily. You can increase your weight easily. If you follow these tips regularly for 1 month. Then you can increase your weight comfortably by 8 or 10 kg. If you want to have a complement of the supplement as well, then you can also take it. And if you gain weight after following these tips. Then you must tell me in the comment section. This will give me more motivation

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